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Perhaps, you’re on a bus or a train, or at a coffee shop with a nice cappuccino. You’re just wanting a little break from your busy day.
That is the purpose of this book. To take you away for a little break. It is intentionally a small book, easy to carry with you.

THE HERO: A retired police officer realizes it isn’t always a good thing to be the hero.
FEAR OF THE DARK: Imagine what it would be like to have nyctophobia and learn that you are going blind.
WILD DATE: This little tale gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Wild Date”.

Three little stories, thrillers, to grab your attention away from the world. I hope you find these little tales enjoyable.

eBook only $1.99


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Alfred Noble is a prolific author in a dreadful bout with writer's block. Some friends show up unexpectedly and help him write his newest novel. When they leave, he meets a new friend who makes him ponder, "Whose Tale to Tell is It?"

Brenda is one of the many good people enduring Dextril Manor Nursing Home, where neglect and abuse are daily norms. Will a beautiful love from the past free her from terrible darkness?

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